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Bunch of Gnomedex Links

Gnomedex was fantastic. Lots of people to talk to, and I thought the panel discussions were interesting even if others found some fault with them. Being at the conf you hear about a bunch of stuff that it’s hard to find your way to if you weren’t there to hear the off the cuff comments or pick up the links from IRC (I really should have logged the channel… oops). So here’s a bunch of stuff, some from the previous page I had and some new stuff:

  • Eric Rice did a podcast from the conf. He’s really into the podcast idea. Seems to fit in as a logical extension of the Audioblog stuff he’s doing already. He says a regular show is probably in the works, so keep an eye out for that.

  • Dave Taylor has a page to go along with The Future of Online Advertising panel. It’s not an exhaustive list, but enough to get your fingers into the concepts. Great resource.

  • There were a whole bunch of people taking pictures:

    • Peter Kaminski - who was also very cool, I got to speak to Peter for a while. He works for SocialText and I have a lot of interest in the collaborative application space.

    • Ponzi - I didn’t get to speak to her, but have second hand information from Adam that both her and Chris really went out of their way to help him when he wasn’t feeling well. Now that just kicks ass.

    • Ken Layne - provides some commentary on photos that were actually taken by Marc Brown. I didn’t talk to Ken, but did get to speak to Marc. Marc is going to be in San Francisco for CTIA, so we’re probably going to get together for a Bird of a Feather meeting. Check out Bay Area Mobility Forum for more info about that.

    • Phil Morrison - has some great pics up now. We spoke in the IRC channel, but never synced up in the real world. Yet still I feel like we met… There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere.

    • JR Noded - has a few higher quality pictures up. He was sitting at our table for a bit, very nice guy

  • There were a bunch of people who were raving about Blogware, Eric Rice in particular. I got a chance to speak to Ross Rader about it as well, he provided a nice high level overview. The summary that I pulled out of the discussion is that it’s a tool based more on sharing than on publishing. If that’s correct, I think it should be very interesting.

  • Some of the attendees set up a Mac Users Group for the conf. There were a hell of a lot of glowing Apple logos all over the place. Personally, I’m really jealous of the battery life the things get. I’ve got my eye turned that way when it’s time for the next system.