• More Turd Flinging

    These folks just don’t know when to quit. I was chatting with Russ yesterday and this morning, and he was saying that the people are sending him takedown letters for non-libelous content on his blog because he’s ranked pretty high in the Google search results. I told him to just take down the stuff cause it’s not worth the effort. I’m not a lawyer or anything, but I did watch Law and Order this one time and it didn’t look too hard. And then I figured, wouldn’t it be a real ball buster if a whole bunch of people linked to Russ’s blog with in the link text, so he’s still in the top search results for them even after doing everything they ask. I think it would be, and I think it’s like, totally justified. That’s the great thing about scammers and spammers, you can do whatever you want to them and you don’t have to feel bad.

  • Makes You Ponder

    Some things make you think. Other things make you wonder if the world wouldn’t be a better place if public stonings were still in place. That’s my fucktard of the month right there. Ignorance I can forgive, not everyone has to understand the Interweb. But this goes well beyond that.

  • End of Line

    I make Tron jokes pretty frequently. I mean, who doesn’t, right? It’s a total classic. But this right here, that’s just fantastic.

  • Kernel Config from Thinkpad X32

    Someone emailed me asking for the config for the kernel I’m running on my X32, so I figured I might as well post it instead of just mailing it back. I’m using the 2.6.13 drop from and adding in packages like WPA afterward. Here’s the config.

  • Sudden Wave of Spam

    Starting yesterday I’ve seen a big upswing in the number of comments that make it through the Akismet plugin. I’m wondering if that’s just me, that I made it onto some new list? Or has someone out there figured out how to beat the filters? The top ones I’m seeing seem to be ephedrine, backgammon, and sex with farm animals. The ephedrine one sounds pretty tempting….

  • Ghetto Fabulous

    Holly pointed me at Go Ghetto today, and I just wanted to share. It’s like our Confess app, but more directed. Wish I thought of that! So jealous.

  • Writing a Web Service Interface on Ning

    Like I was babbling about yesterday, I’ve been thinking about different ways of hooking up mobile applications and web applications and trying to bridge the gap. One area that gets a lot of leverage relatively quickly is implementing de-facto standard web service interfaces that the mobile applications can hook up to. There are both desktop and mobile applications that interact with the Blogger API, Flickr Services, the Atom Publishing Protocol, etc.

  • Python Tail Call

    This is pretty interesting, a tail call optimization decorator for Python. It doesn’t work for a lot of cases.. like these ones:

  • Picture of the Enzo Driver

    Most of you have probably heard about the Enzo Ferrari crash yesterday. Sad sad thing to see such a beautiful car destroyed. If you’re feeling like gawking you can check out the pictures of the crash site here. Fortunately I can also bring you exclusive coverage, one of my friends down in the area snapped a pic of the real Enzo driver as he escaped into the woods:

  • Ning Visit

    Folks came and visited the Ning office today. And guess who was mysteriously absent from the group? Kevin Burton. Apparently we have enough free time that we should be able to host folks whenever they feel like stopping by, but Kevin was just too busy to attend the meetup he was instrumental in organizing. Burton, come on, we got cupcakes and everything! I almost cried, but it was okay. A bunch of folks from the Facebook showed up, including Noah, who’s birthday is this Friday by the way. So if you see him at the TechCrunch BBQ make sure to make him drink a shot in celebration.

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