• Monkey vs. Robot

    David sent a link to this video, Monkey vs. Robot, this morning. If there’s anything more funny than a person in a robot suit fighting with a person in a  monkey suit, it’s a Monkey vs. Robot music video complete with crayon style title shots. We have a bit of a monkey fixation going on, which started with a rereading of the classic Onion story, Super Monkey Collider Loses Funding. Which was followed by an extended brainstorming session regarding what one could do with a large group of monkeys if one weren’t planning to slam them together at high speed. Let me tell you, with some of the big brains we have around Ning, the sky is the limit when it comes to monkey technology. Monkey based power backup systems, the million monkey literature project, and the monkey crossbar switching fabric. Great projects, I can’t wait till we get started on them! The video made me realize however that we were overlooking the use of robots…. with the Aibo folks out of work, maybe we can pick them up to work on systems for the datacenter. They call me crazy because I dare to dream. Dream of a race of robotic atomic supermonsters that drink blood….

  • Dulce de Leche

    Diego’s brother is in town, and he brought with him many treats composed primarily of dulce de leche. Don’t worry if you can’t read spanish, neither can I. But here’s a rough translation for dulce de leche: really fucking good. It’s kinda like caramel, but not quite. Kinda got a frosting-ish/pudding-ish consistency sorta. It’s one of those things you apparently just have to experience to understand. If someone offers you something and mentions dulce de leche, take it. It’ll send you straight into diabetic coma, but it’s worth it.

  • Naptime

    I frequently tell people that I can sleep just about anywhere if I’m tired enough, they don’t believe me. We have a lot going on at Ning, so I’ve had a few chances to exercise that ability in the last few days. Diego snapped a pic of me sleeping in my chair with people wandering around:

  • Feedster Redesign

    I just saw the new look at Feedster, very nice! The search results are much much snappier than I can remember them being for a good long while. Some folks are complaining about a lack of new features, but I read the entry about the release as saying “New site, new features coming soon”. Personally I would rather just have a site that works for search than a feature rich site that sometimes tells me the load is too high. Cause you know when I’m really gonna want those results? When there’s a news event, during which the load is normally high.


    Russ and I were talking about the thing last night on the way to MoMo. Today RCR Wireless picked up the story, with this quote from the folks:

  • Talk talk talk talk

    A bunch of folks seized on the point that Adam calls out in his post, that we took the Ning sign down to keep folks from randomly dropping in. Somehow that’s equated to not wanting to talk to our customers. Still trying to figure that one out. If we took the firewall down around our office network and took the encryption off our wireless network would that help also? Are people randomly dropping by Cingular and Microsoft just to chat the folks up?

  • Van Jacobson's Linux Networking Slides

    The slides from Van Jacobson’s LCA2006 presentation are online. They talk about an evolution to the Linux networking stack targeted at taking into account multicore systems. If I had to summarize the presentation I would steal the title from slide 16: “The end of the wire isn’t the end of the net”.

  • Netflix/Tivo Consumer Device

    Although I’m not at all looking, I keep a copy of my resume up online. Why? Because sometimes a recruiter will call and drop a nice nugget of info to you. That’s exactly what happened this morning. I got a call from a recruiter for Netflix looking for Linux programmers. There’s been speculation going on for a little while about how Netflix will deliver their on demand download service. The recruiter said the project included a team of engineers from ReplayTV, AOL, and Tivo to work on a consumer device. So I looked around on their site, and here’s the job listing. So who knows if it’ll see the light of day, but it would appear that the Tivo/Netflix collaboration that was floating around during 2004 is still in process.

  • Open Position at Ning

    We’re looking for a new developer at Ning.Here’s the complete description. Like Gina says, the team is fantastic. Everyone here knows their shit inside and out, including an ops team that I’ve just simply never seen the equal to before. The egineers are all fantastic. The project is interesting. The area is great (the offices are in downtown Palo Alto, how much ass does that kick?) It’s got the whole shebang. If you’re the kind of person who hops out of bed in the middle of the night sometimes because you think you have a solution to the problem you were working on during the day, we might have a job for you. Drop us a line.

  • Blogging Doomed!!!!

    Reclusive mobile technology pundit and Internet crackpot Russell Beattie posted recently about the increasing number of sensationalist posts out in the bloggosphere. What does it mean? Well I for one think it spells out doom. DOOOM!!!! Doomy doomy doom spreading all over the place. And then a light lunch. Won’t someone please think about the children!

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