I’ve decided to host my blog myself. I’m still going to test out Vagablog with services like Blogger.com and Journalspace, but there’s too much that I want to explore that isn’t a part of those services yet. For instance I can actually use Trackback URLs now. They’re something I’ve wanted to experiment with for a long time now. Trackbacks are a technique for notifying another blogger that you’ve posted an entry which references one of their posts. It’s one method that’s available for linking together blog postings into something like threads of conversation. It’s something like posting a comment on your own blog instead of posting a comment through some feedback system on the blog you’re reading. I also wanted to be able to make an RSS feed available, that’s what the little XML link down in the Other Stuff area is for. I chose WordPress instead of MovableType because WordPress is open source. If I manage to do what I want, you’ll be seeing some templates and patches over in the Split Bits area of the Bitsplitter site.

I’ve moved over the format that I was using over at journalspace for my personal blog. There might be some refining to do still, but I probably won’t tweek it too much. I try to stick with a simple layout so that people can read from a handheld device if they would like. The default layouts that come with most blogging tools are just horrid when accessed from a small device like a Palm handheld. Now I have to go fool around with getting Vagablog posting to this.