There’s an article at the Sydney Morning Herald explaining some of the issues with current content mangement systems. It caught my attention cause I’ve seen much the same thing. I’ve actually been working with a guy who implements websites as part of his consulting gigs, and we’ve been trying to come up with a simple system for managing sites. Most systems are either very complex or very simple, and just haven’t been fulfilling his needs. He wanted to have a system that he could use to create the site, and that he could partially deploy to the client. He wanted to have the option of allowing his clients to update their own sites. So we’ve been working on a system around that, something to do some simple site management and templating. Everything is done through a browser, against PHP scripts on the server. This means we can’t have nice integrated WYSIWYG HTML editing, but for his purposes that should be OK for now. And maybe by the time we get to the point where that may be an issue someone will have come up with a decent way to do that in the browser.