There’s an article over at about the note that Marcelo sent to the Linux Kernel Mailing List. Seeing as 2.6 is starting to get pretty stable, after the next point release 2.4 will go into maintenance mode. That really just means that 2.4 will only get fixed if there are major bugs, that it won’t be getting any new features. So for those of you who like to dabble in the bleeding edge it’s a good time to start fooling around with the 2.6 test releases.

There’s an older post at about how to do the upgrade to 2.6, but it’s from a lot earlier in the series. Read through the comments there before you try it, particularly the ones about grabbing the new modules packages from Rusty. I’ve been running the 2.6-test series on my main desktop for a few months and it’s actually worked quite well without any tweeking.