There’s a post over at Jeremy Zawodny’s blog titled TrackBack and Corporate Secrets. It gives one example where traditionally convenient blogging features can be a pain for businesses. Blogs are moving into areas where the culture is significantly different than where they came from. Requirements of a business user can be radically different than those of the public blogger. Features which were convenient turn into security risks quite easily, as Jeremy points out. It can be painful, it can be dangerous, but that’s really what makes it interesting. I think blogs will play a big part in corporate infrastructure in the coming years. They fulfill the requirements of fluid communication in a way that no mix of technologies has been able to before. However, the reason they fulfill the requirements is because they grew up without many borders or limits, and that runs counter to the current corporate culture. So what happens when a new technology comes along that does a great job of solving a fundamental problem while also bringing along contradictory culture? I admit, I have no idea. But whatever it ends up being, I’m hoping it’s not “business as usual”.