I just went over to see Damjan Lampret present the work on OpenRISC at the Freedom Technology Center. The presentation was great, it gave lots of info about the project that it’s hard to get (as a software weenie) trying to just look at the stuff up at OpenCores about the project. What I learned is that most of the details of OpenRISC are probably over my head, unless I want to invest a lot in the EDA tools necessary to familiarize myself with how the system as a whole works. I’ll keep fooling with the simulator and waiting for a project that lets me justify the cost of getting some of the toys.

But perhaps even more interesting was that I’ve noticed the presence of the Freedom Technology Center, which has just started up. The classes they have look like they could be very interesting. And it’s certainly in a good location for building up a great local community. They’ve just started operating, so keep an eye on the website for more info. I’ve subscribed to the announcement list actually, so I’ll post here the interesting updates that come out.