I was getting ready a couple of blog posts on the topic of rapid prototyping, but decided instead to put the information on a permanent page on the Bitsplitter site. The information is apparently pretty randomly organized, but I still wanted to put it up. I think it’s a pretty good list of issues to keep in mind and goals to strive for.

I’ve been working on getting new technical products and services together for 10 years, but it’s only recently that I’ve become aware of some of the benefits of rapid prototyping that lie outside of that technical realm. Now that I’ve started reading a few books on the topic I realize that there are other people who have developed these ideas very fully. This is my attempt to call out some of the existing literature about rapid prototyping and tie it to the everyday concerns of anyone working on a completely new project or service. It can be very stressful and isolating at times. It’s a relief to see that others have observed the same issues and can provide some stirring insight. That page deals primarily with software and embedded systems projects, but I welcome feedback from just about any area. Let me know what you think, or tell me what major issues you’ve encountered. I would love to hear from all you.