There’s an article at MozillaZine listing all the happenings month by month for the Mozilla project. I use Mozilla every day, I’m a Linux user and it’s my browser of choice. But I don’t have time to follow most of the goings on with the project. It does seem like there’s an amazing amount of activity. But I can’t help but feel that much of the Mozilla development is driven too much by developers. I take a look at the huge number of projects and releases, and the different version of the same browser code (Mozilla, Galleon, FireBird), and I don’t see any benefit to users there. While at the same time I still see the same issues that used to exist, like installing plugins being a pain, lack of a calendar function, and difficult configuration of other enhanced functions. I love the application, it’s my browser of choice. I wouldn’t trade the popup-blocker feature for the world, that is a fantastic function they came up with. I would just like to see 2004 bring some usability enhancements instead of as many new features.