I went over to the MacWorld expo today. I’m not a regular Mac user, I just wanted to go. I think the newest Mac operating systems kick ass. Pretty and functional AND stable GUI over a rock solid kernel. This is what computing should be. I’m a Linux user, thru and thru. Have been for 10 years. But I’m always on the lookout for cool new stuff. New Macs made it onto the radar. And Mac addicts are always spouting off about how Macs are just an amazing system compared to any form of Windows system. Well.. that is true, but cinder blocks make better desktop systems than Windows PCs do. So that point just doesn’t impress me.

I admit I really didn’t know what to expect to be cool about the expo, there just wasn’t anything that stuck out at all. There were some cool apps, there were some pretty products, there were certainly a lot of people, and there were lots and lots of flat panel displays. But nothing grabbed my attention and really made me want to dig in and find more. What kind of thing would have made me interested? I don’t know. Maybe my expectations were overinflated, maybe my interests just lie too far out of the norm for most of this stuff to interest me, maybe this was just a slow year. But there just wasn’t anything there that made me feel I was “missing out” on anything by not being a Mac user. And I went there not only receptive to that idea, but actively looking for it.