There’s an article at The Feature describing a style of handset that allows for interchangable faceplates that modify not just the look of the phone, but include memory as well. I’m interested in the announcement not really for the handset itself, or the youth audience targeting, but because it’s a multiple component architecture. What they plan to store in the skins are ringtones, images, and video clips; I would be more interested in faceplaces that provided additional functions (bluetooth, more ram, 802.11, applications, etc). In general the market doesn’t seem to like devices like this, highly configurable devices where the base system is just a framework that features can be added to. But I think that’s because many devices meant to allow flexable configuration have fallen far short of that goal. I would like to see personal information devices with a higher degree of hardware configurability. Even devices like the Zodiac, with it’s two expansion slots instead of one, I think are a major step in the right direction.