I’ve been quite busy lately, with things that unfortunately have me running around out in The Big Room rather than working in front of my computer. My hope is that this part of the work will only last until next week some time. And there’s a specific event in there which should keep things from bogging down. Fortunately I have my trusty PDA and a copy of Vagablog, so I can at least provide some updates.

Today’s update is about a package called c-jdbc (sorry, I don’t have the link onhand, just Google it for now and I’ll edit the post later to add it)(Update: here’s the project page). We’re just about to start testing it, so I’m not sure how well it works yet. It provides a JDBC layer that spreads requests over a number of databases. They refer to it as RAID for databases, which I think is both succinct and accurate. We’re going to try it instead of a proprietary clustering option. Anyone else tried it and care to share? Leave a comment.