I had to do some of that running around that I was talking about in the last post, so I figured I would write up a blog entry. When I finished it and tried to upload, I had issues getting a network connection using my Palm to connect to my t68. It’s happened before, and usually a reset of one device or the other solves it (which sucks by the way). Yet this time, no dice. I’m waiting for a train, so what the hell, I might as well fix it.

The fix ended up being creating a new network connection on the Palm. Now, that just really sucks. There are lots of people out there who would love to have a wireless device. But with the constant quirks and bugs and incompatabilities, they just don’t feel they have an option.

I know a lot of Palm developers and even people who work at Palm who don’t see the need for a network connection from their PDA. If even the people at Palm don’t see it being practical, of course users aren’t interested. Palm has grudgingly developed their network functions, and it almost seems like they’re setting themselves up for failure. It’s like someone who wants to prove that network devices are a bad idea is running the show.

The only really bright spot in terms of networking is the purchase of Handspring. Hopefully they can imbue the Palm crew with at least a little bit of networked device smarts. On the other hand, all their good ideas could start getting squashed, and the Treo 600 might be the last good device we ever see from the combined companies. I certainly hope that isn’t the case.