There’s a message on the pilot-link-devel mailing list about replacing the normal Palm Network Sync with something else. Recently Palm has been a huge pain in the ass. Just about every device comes out with some new extension to the sync protocol. Something that breaks the existing tools under Linux and other operating systems. And Palm isn’t releasing info about these changes as far as anyone can tell. So, like I also posted about the other day, the pilot-link developers are thinking about ignoring Palm’s interface for sync and writing something of their own. Something based on open protocols and standard interfaces. Something that Palm can’t change underneath us quite so often. I think there are probably a lot of people thinking in this direction. Hopefully we’ll get the critical mass required to get the project rolling. I’ve already started working on palm-xmlrpc. Something I consider a precursor to my work in the area. Hopefully this means there will be others hacking in this direction.