According to this article at the lawsuit brought against IBM by SCO will not involve copyright infringement. The lawsuit will supposedly center around breech of contract, with SCO arguing that IBM introduced intellectual property belonging to SCO into the Linux kernel. I don’t know if this is really a change in position by SCO, or if this just indicates the direction against IBM only. I think they’re threatening lots of people with lawsuits, so this position used against IBM might have nothing to do with those others. I would like to hear what property exactly belongs to SCO regarding the async IO, journaling filesystem, and volume management. At the points where some of the initial work were going on for those features, I was following the Linux development lists pretty closely. And I don’t remember anyone saying that they were taking code from SCO. It seemed like lots of people hashing out ideas, writing up potential patches, and eventually coming to consensus. Perhaps SCO owns the rights to group development? Unlikely, but I wouldn’t be too surprized if they thought they did.