I’ve been working on mobile computing stuff for a while, but I don’t normally follow developing standards that closely. Normally my work starts after other people have done the standardizing, and I have the onerous job of getting a dozen different “amazing new technologies” to all work together to do something that a normal human would want them to do. You know, like looking up a location on a map or showing you a picture of your kids getting home from school. Little details like that, normally necessary when turning technology into product (a step some people tend to forget). But quite a few people have called my attention to this new standard from the W3C. Enough people that I think I’m actually going to have to give this one an advanced reading. Supposedly it’s already being used by quite a few devices. It provides an RDF based description of device capabilities, so that a web server can tailor content to the device being used. I’ve heard that promise from a number of protocols before… but I’m trying to keep an open mind so that I can give this one a fair chance. The spec was just recently passed, just a few days ago actually.