RSS WinterFest is an RSS webcast that went on over the last two days. Along with the webcast went a wiki a weblog and tons of other resources linked in through both of those. There are some great points brought up, and some points that I really don’t agree with but might have to put some thought into. I also found Roland’s blog quite useful, as he seems to be interested in a lot of the same areas as I am. I had trouble connecting to the actual cast the first day, and didn’t have the time to listen in live for most of today. I wish I could have, the information linked in and generated by the event seems to be of very high quality. This is a group that’s really taking the time to work through the issues beyond the technical details of getting down a file format. I liked the points under Syndication in the Enterprise from Bill French in particular. Once I work myself out from under the pile of crud I have to do now I need to finish up the Palm XMLPRC work and get onto some of this stuff as well.