At the Trusted Computing class this past weekend Seth mentioned that he was engaged in some online sparring with someone who had a blog on Invisiblog. In particular he was talking about the postings by someone calling themselves Unlimited Freedom, which do make for interesting reading. I completely disagree with the stuff that Unlimited Freedom says, but in the interest of providing both sides of the story I felt I should at least link to the blog.

I’m really more interested by the prospect of anonymous blogging, which has reawakened my interest in Mixmaster. Mixmaster is one of those projects that always pop up on the radar screen, I spend a day or two poking at, maybe use a few times and then forget about. Its anonymous remailer software with some pretty amazing functions, but in my opinion is a bit esoteric. There is some anonymous remailer info, but not all that much, and not all that much that targets the kinds of things that I normally have questions about. So if the interest keeps up this time, my next security post might just be about Mixmaster and anonymous remailers. I just stumbled across Cypherpunks Tonga, a site which I also have been to a bunch of times before and then forgotten about. Which sparked a couple of other ideas about potential topics. And it also made me think that a resurrected version of the PASTA Project crypto software for Palm OS would be something that would scratch an itch I have, so I just might have to do it. A decent keyring project for the Palm with signing ability could make keysigning parties much more productive and easier to organize.