An article at SmartMobs saying that there’s a Reclaim The Streets event planned for Valentines Day in San Francisco. This is an example of combination online and offline gathings of people, commonly referred to as a mob in some circles. People collaborate online, organize, and culminate in a physical meeting. I’ll leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions. For some more info about mobish activities there’s a page full of links to stories from the middle of last year. Mobs were big news a while ago, but I think that was just the flash of initial conception. They have been relatively quiet because people have been cooking up ideas and technologies I think.. and the real fun is yet to come. The events so far have mostly had the same social impact as those tricks you used to play in elementary school where everyone would drop their pencil at precisely 1:15. If you’re interested in the apps that could be coming, check out Rheingold’s book SmartMobs. Every once in a while I spout off about that stuff here too. (That was sarcasm by the way, I’m frequently haranguing just about anyone about the plight of mobile computing applications, and how businesses fail to realize the potential they have.)