According to this info from they’re going to be releasing a Palm client for posting photos and text. I haven’t even made it through posting images from Vagablog yet, because I’ve been trying to release features without forking off into different versions for each blog hosting tool. And the sales of Vagablog have been quite slow. I have lots of users, I’ve gotten a whole slew of support requests from people since the Blogger API location change. But I have few registrations. The support requests for Blogger outnumber the registered users two to one :-)

I certainly don’t want to halt development on Vagablog completely, but if TypePad does end up releasing their client it will certainly cut into potential Vagablog sales. As it is, the revenue from Vagablog already doesn’t justify the ammount of time that needs to be spent on it. So I’ve got to come up with some kind of plan for Vagablog to either make some more money off it so that I can keep developing it or figuring out if I want to do something more drastic to make sure that the people who are using it and have registered continue to have an app they can use. So this is a kinda warning. I’ve said before that the lax management of Vagablog wasn’t going to keep up forever. The future versions probably aren’t going to have quite a many free posts, and might be a bit of a pain in the ass to use without registering.