Textually.org posted about an article in The Feature about mobile presence, social networking, and geolocation. I first heard about the GEOPRIV working group just last month, and haven’t had much chance to read up on the project. But Howard covers both general commentary about mobile presence, information about the stadards push (or war, whichever you prefer), as well as a pointer to BuddySpace. BuddySpace is an open source Jabber messaging client with support for presenting the buddy list as a geographical map of the location of contacts. Now that’s some cool work. Really makes we want to get a Palm Jabber client working. There is an open source Jabber client for Palm devices, but it requires a Java runtime on the device so I haven’t tried it out yet. This might provide enough inspiration for me to actually agree to that nasty license thing I would need to click thu in order to download the Java VM for Palm.