I just got back from dinner with a friend who’s working at Akimbo. I hadn’t heard about the system before, but he says it has turned out quite well. It’s a video on demand system with actual content available. Unlike the video on demand systems being setup by cable companies, it’s not just a replacement for Pay Per View. The system pulls content from all sorts of content providers, allowing these producers to monetize their content without having to go through the cable companies (or other nefarious media organizations). Wooohoo!! This is the other half of the iMovie and GarageBand style empowerment of individuals to produce rich media. There should be a way to get that content out there, and make money off it if that’s what you want, without having to bed down with a cable network. I could see a system like this allowing grassroots producers to create shows that wouldn’t get picked up by the existing media distribution channels - and yet still reach wide and geographically dispersed audiences. Should be great for indie films. Great idea, good luck guys!!!