I put a new area up at Bitsplitter, the Bitsplitter Link Blog. “So what’s the difference between the normal blog and the link blog?” one might be expected to ask. Well the link blog is for short mentions of things that I want to come back and look at when I have some more time, the main blog is for commentary and things that I know I was interested in and I want to share. There is an additional aspect to the link blog however, it’s actually more PDA friendly than the normal blog. This blog that you’re reading now is minimally formatted so that it displays well on PDA screens, but the articles that I link to aren’t always good for small screens. On the other hand, the link blog is both PDA friendly and links to items that are PDA friendly. The link blog came about because I wanted a way to get certain links that I was bookmarking to transfer over to my PDA so I could read them when I wasn’t sitting at my desktop. Rather than making up something new, I decided to just put them in a blog. I didn’t want to clutter up the main Bitsplitter blog with a bunch of junk that I wasn’t even sure I would be interested in. So I started a whole new area.