Larry Lessig gave a presentation on why the protection of IP is important for the creative process. It sounds like it was the same set of material that he tried out on us over at Stanford. Lessig has a new book on the market called The Future of Ideas, something I’m certainly going to pick up and read. There was a quote I particularly liked in there:

“Let the commercial interests compete on execution of the ideas; that’s the free enterprise system,” Lessig said. “But the creators need to maintain the freedom to distribute their ideas any way they want. They shouldn’t be bogged down by 20-year copyrights and other old restrictions that bottle up good ideas” [and] keep them on the shelf, Lessig said.

Which reminded me that the mobile publishing site WINKsite has added support for marking content as covered by Creative Commons licenses. So of course I quickly ran out and marked the Unrooted mobile site and the Open Palm Environment mobile site as wonderfully liberating ShareAlike content. I actually think I might feel another WINKsite coming on… I feel the urge to experiment.