So I got my new Technorati Profile kicking, and I’m feeling pretty spiffy. But I notice that when I upload a picture it’s all smushed and mangled, and that I can’t remove the image so I just have to put up one of Ed instead, and that their javascript inclusion snippet isn’t valid XHTML. So out it comes again, and I shove back in some corrected XHTML, but this time without the image. Hopefully that won’t screw things up. I emailed feedback, we’ll see what they have to say about my oddball requests. Overall, it’s not that big of a deal. I claimed the Link Blog also, and while I was at it realized that thing is nowhere near XHTML. So I guess I got something to do tomorrow as well.

So here’s the deal with Technorati, cause I shouldn’t assume everyone knows about these things. Technorati is a website that keeps track of which blogs are linking to which other blogs, which is cool for blog writers cause we’re frequently wondering about who is paying attention to the stuff we’re writing. From what I’ve been able to tell so far, Technorati seems to watch the blog update ping services like and to find the list of blogs to parse. I’m assuming this cause I know of a few blogs that have linked to Bitsplitter, but I don’t see on my inbound links list. When I asked the authors, they all said they didn’t ping or any other service. So, that’s something to keep in mind if you have a blog and you would like to bootstrap it into the larger world. It seems like those weblog change posting services have so many links that no one would notice your update anyway, but they’re not just for human use apparently. Pinging the update services will also get your link into services like Technorati and news aggregator services. That’s my tip for the day.