After two and a half weeks on the road I’m finally back in California. Of course the best way to really feel that I’ve come back home is to get into something geeky. So I walked into the door to my apartment, downloaded a map to my Clie, took a shower, and zipped right off to the Technorati Developers Salon. I’ll have to make up a separate entry for that later on, it was a good session. On my way back I was standing at the BART station on 22nd and I saw another guy with a laptop bag, so I asked if he coming from the salon also. He wasn’t, but he knew what I was talking about, so we chatted for a bit while the train came. Ahh, to be back in the Bay Area, where discussions with random strangers can revolve around the future of the Technorati API. I know the dangers involved in being surrounded by people who already know what you’re talking about all the time. Especially as a business person, it’s dangerous to never hear the objections that a complete newbie has. When everyone else you run across knows the principles you’re building on, it’s much easier for them to accept your pitch and understand the value you’re presenting. But after a long period of full immersion in the biomass it is nice to have a couple of conversations that start at geeky and quickly get more abstract.