What and How - most people concentrate too much on what and not how.

  • start at the end: pitch decay says that most people forget very quickly. You need to find the most important 10 percent are really drive it. Put your most important point right up front, first slide.

  • be brief: all VCs have attention deficit disorder. Kill geek speak.

  • Bait the hook: get them interested. You don’t want your elevator pitch to close a deal, you want them to get off the elevator with you and ask for more info. Call to action.

  • Get high and stay high, stay up at a high level so that you talk about what and benefits, not how. They will ask for how when they are ready.

  • obey the 12/15 rule, a dozen slides in 15 minutes. An hour meeting does not mean an hour worth of slides. He had a list of what should be on the slides, I’ll fill in the details here at another point.

  • Change peoples pulse: audience, band with them, communicate on their level.

  • Tell stories that sell: Questions to ask when preventing are.What are the three most important things you could learn about my company. What interested you about our business plan.

  • Geta transition: Ask a rhetorical question.

  • Practice and integrate feedback: videotape yourself, use a timer to make sure you can do your pitch in the time you have.

  • Develop an attitude: never give up

Most important are begin with the end, be brief, change peoples pulse.