A post over at Textually.org pointing to a summary from the Nokia Connection press conference. Some interesting insights in there. I’m not a Nokia user, but I’ve heard so many good opinions of their phones that I’ve been planning to try one out. In particular, developers seem to like the platform for all the right reasons. In particular, the news about either Perl or Python being available really caught my attention. Here’s a company that seemed to be serving the community best by providing relatively open platforms upon which developers could innovate. Unfortunately they seem to have lost the advantage that once put them at the front of the market.

The question I ask myself is “what lessons are other manufacturers taking away from this?” Hopefully they’re not saying to themselves “well, we won’t make the mistake of dicking around with a bunch of open source languages like Nokia did” I think it’s very important to keep the spirit of those efforts alive. I hope that the trouble that Nokia is currently having doesn’t end up shedding a poor light on the experimental projects that have been going on. I’m irrationally really hoping that Nokia manages to pull out a turnaround soon. I’ve never used their tools or experimented with their handsets. Yet still, I would like to get a chance to play with their toys before they disappear :-)