Two recent posts from Always On:

This in particular caught my attention (from “Disruptive Innovation”):

I think we see companies in various places where they’re making innovations, but they’re not necessarily engineering-led innovations. They’re in the products. They’re often converting a product into a service. They’re typically marketing led. They tend to be at the surface of the product rather than at the core.

The Mirra Server: nobody went, “Gee, I wonder how they did that.” That was not what was unique about the Mirra server. What’s unique about the Mirra server is there weren’t the 27 little wires hanging out the side of the experience. It was a consumerized experience. That’s a continuous innovation, not a discontinuous innovation. Continuous innovation going forward, marketing led.

These two posts are supposed to be the first of a four part series covering the Silicon Valley 4.0 Conference which happened in October of last year. If I catch the other parts as they go by I’ll add them in.

Update July 13, 2004: Part 3 has been posted.

Update July 21, 2004: Part 4 has been posted.