I signed up on del.icio.us a while ago, and just started adding some bookmarks to it today. I read through the docs page and was going to post about it, but I found an excellent post on edtech.teacherhosting.com describing the principles quite well. I hadn’t noticed the inbox feature before. If you’re logged in and viewing someone else’s bookmarks, you have an option to subscribe to them. Your inbox is a set of bookmarks from the people who you’ve subscribed to. Much more social than I thought initially from just looking at the front page. I thought it would just provide a way to store my bookmarks in a central place. I had created a linkblog to collect quick links of passing interest that I might want to refer back to later. del.icio.us is a great way to do that instead. All I need to do is setup a mail to del.icio.us gateway so that I can use the “mail this article” option to setup bookmarks from my phone (this has ended up being realy handy in lots of instances).