Small Business Trends has three posts that constitute an interview with Tom Ehrenfeld, author of The Startup Garden:

  1. Introducing Tom Ehrenfeld

  2. Tom Ehrenfeld Continued

  3. Startup Garden Final Installment

A lot of the comments in there really ring true, especially given my thoughts in relation to the recent BlogOn event. BlogOn was a great event mind you, and I would go again if I had the chance, even if just for the interaction with other attendees before, between, and after sessions. But I would have really liked to see more of the kinds of information that comes through in this interview. I particularly liked the answer to question #2 from the first session:

I think that the more that individuals can realize how their unique skills and resources and opportunities (themselves or combined with their founding team) can come together in a tangible way that delivers value to customers, the greater their chance of success. I’m not talking about entrepreneurship as a selfish quest for identity - but the need to pour what you know and care about and are good at into a healthy venture.

I would personally love to see an event focused on these kinds of issues. Not really where the next big thing is, but where are we now and what can we do with it? The technologies enable new forms of interaction and new methods of communicating, sure. But now what? What do these new forms mean to the business owner or entrepreneur? In what business directions should we be looking? I think Tom does a great job of laying down a business overview here, and I get the feeling that more directed questioning on any one topic would turn up a wealth of great info. I would love to hear him speak at an event. So there’s my vote.