The Bay Area Mobility Forum has been going pretty well, but there hasn’t been all that much feedback or much ongoing discussion on the blog. So I setup a new WINKsite for it. For those who haven’t used it before, the Wireless Ink folks have a site where you can go and create your own website, with the major differentiator being that the site works via just about every mobile browser in a phone or PDA. They also have an emulator so that you can use the sites from a normal desktop browser. To launch the desktop version just click here and the site should come up in a popup. Alternatively you can enter in your wap/xhtml browser to bring up the site from a mobile device. Through the site you can get to the syndicated feed from the blog, syndicated version of other mobile related feeds, links to mobile sites, guestbook, post notes, and a chat area. I have no idea how it’ll work out. I figure that if most of you are interested in mobility, you normally have some kind of browser with you and you’re looking to use it. So maybe we can capture some of those extra minutes here and there and get some other online forms of communication going.