I’ve had some great conversations over at Gnomedex so far. Here is a by-no-means complete set of links to people I didn’t know before, but I had interesting conversations with. Now I’m going to be reading their stuff.

  • Adam Kalsey - was just a really cool guy in all respects

  • Henry Copeland - made some great comments during the Digital Lifestyles panel, and we had a good talk about some of the general issues around high tech and its frequent disconnect from reality

  • Jim Louderback - great comments about mobile devices being the important platform to look to when talking about the future of “the digital lifestyle”. He’s in the Bay area, so I’m hoping to get him to come out to Bay Area Mobility Forum meetings to add his energy.

  • Ross Rader - I spoke to Ross a bunch of times too. He had plenty of good points during conversations along the lines of “well that sounds like a great idea, but ..” and then normally three or four reasons why what I’m talking about is practically infeasible. I haven’t tried out Blogware yet, but now I’m very tempted to.