BloggerCon is under way this morning. I’m over at my apartment listening to the ITConversations cast instead of heading over to Stanford. I might wander over at some point, but this morning started with a mad dash to peice back together Elle’s blog from SQL dumps. Never fun. So I think I’m just going to sit here and drink coffee and watch what goes through in IRC for a while (#bloggercon on

So what’s come through the pipe so far? Everyone seemed to love the comments that Tony Kahn made when he introduced himself. He’s over there and interested in talking about the intersection of blogging type activities and the future of Public Broadcasting. Tag your photos in Flickr as ‘bloggercon’ so that we can see them in the tag listing. Kevin Marks dropped in a Technorati link giving most talked about MP3s. The bloggercon sessions should show up there once they get uploaded.