So it’s all official and getting somewhat settled down, I’m now a Feedster employee. The first thing that people normally say after “Cool!! Feedster rocks!” is “Well, what the hell are you doing at Feedster?” Okay, valid question. It’s a bit different than what most of the people out there know me for. But I actually do a decent amount of web programming, and I can sling XML when XML demands to be slung. The other question is how Feedster relates to my whole kick about mobility. It doesn’t. Not yet and there’s no reason it has to. Mobility is my personal passion. I work on mobility stuff cause nothing screams “M4d Sk1llz” more than being able to IM from the train. Plus, it’ll probably be useful for something one day. (That was partial sarcasm. I love mobility, I just think it has a lot more potential than we’re currently able to get from it.)

What’s my official role at Feedster? Software Engineer. What kinds of projects am I working on? One of the first is making use of some of the interfaces to the Feedster data that Ray has been working on and finding out what other kinds of data you people out there would be interested in making use of. We’re planning to use the feed info interface to provide a mapping from blog link to feed url. The first usage pattern we’re trying out is turning a blogroll of links to HTML sites into an OPML file full of feed info for importing into an aggregator. Hopefully I’ll have more to post about that relatively soon. Drop me a line if you’re working on something of the sort. I’m still bringing myself up to speed in terms of what work is going on out there. I could use all the help I can get.