I’m over at my parent’s place, and since east coast TV is way different than west coast TV, I flip on the onscreen guide to check out the schedule. My sister is sitting there and she goes “wow, how did you get that to come up?” I found that pretty interesting. She just never pushed that button, or even realized it sitting there. So I asked my father how long they had the system for, thinking maybe my sister just didn’t have time to muck around with it. But they’ve had it for a year. So why didn’t my sister see anyone else using the feature? My mom also didn’t know about, and my father just found out about the onscreen guide just a month ago (when Devin stepped on the remote and the guide came up). It’s interesting, but I’m not quite sure what it means. Obviously the onscreen guide is a really cool feature, I love having it there. Maybe my family is just a really isolated instance. We’ve never really watched all that much TV, so the chance of coincidental exposure to the guide might just be lower than average. But still, I wonder how many other households out there have cable boxes sitting there that can display a guide but never have. Just curious.