I was having trouble uploading to both Flickr and Buzznet, so I thought maybe something really funky had happened to my phone. But I emailed Flickr and Buzznet both anyway, and now Flickr has responded saying they fixed a bug in their code. Behold, it works!! That was really odd, that both started failing when I went out to my parents. Because I hadn’t changed any settings at all, I figured something might be up other than user error. Taking a look at it from the other side however, I know users always say, “I didn’t change anything, and it just stopped working”. So I wasn’t sure how serious my requests were going to get looked at. Apparently seriously enough. I do think it some odd issue with the way that the 6600 formats emails send via SMTP. So if you have a Nokia 6600 and have been having some issues, Flickr at least seems to be working again. By the way, both seemed to work when I sent via MMS. On TMobile at least, you can send MMS to an email address and their system relays the message out to the Internet. However, I get charged MMS prices for that, and I get charged nothing extra to send an email thanks to my flat rate data plan. So if you’re seeing the same kinds of things, MMS might be a workaround.