The Feedster site has a new look, mostly implemented by Michael Fagan. I have a horrible eye for layout and saw too many pre-1996 designs to be able to distinguish between the better of two somewhat modern options. But even considering my unrefined judgment, the new look is obviously much cleaner. For the most part it’s just an update to the look, but there are some nice effects from the refresh. The media feeds seem to be updating again. There’s a lot of interest in audio and video enclosures, and I would love to be able to do more with the feeds in there. I’ve been pulling down some of the content from video blogs to put on my handset, but I’m the kind of geek who gets a kick out of that sort of thing. Steve mentioned allowing attention metadata to flow into and out of mobile devices during the talk about attention.xml this evening, and that he had even spoken to Russ about it. Sounds like exactly the kind of thing we should be hacking on during our little geekouts. Wondering if MP3 players and cell phones will converge? Well it’s a lot more likely if there’s good reason to get information back out of the player and into the network.

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