On February 15th starting at 6pm is a Future Salon event titled Future of Art and Technology. I’m not really familiar with any of the efforts or organizations listed there, so I’m going to learn about the stuff. For a while I’ve been thinking about hooking together biofeedback systems with the electronics commonly found at live events, spurred somewhat by reading The Diamond Age by Stephenson a while ago. It’s the merger of art, technology, and social systems like that which really gets my interest up. That’s one of the aspects that draws me to mobility, and technologies like mesh networking, TinyOS, and hacking RFID to do more interesting stuff than it’s deployed to do. When you allow the dialog of creation that the artist and audience engage in to compress to a realtime exchange (when the feedback loop is closed and direct) I think a state change happens. It’s a lot like the change in communication styles that happen between asyncronous and syncronous dialog everywhere else.

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