There’s a “Feed Of The Day” feature on the Feedster home page. See the thing in the middle of the page, right above the ridiculously large count of feeds in the system? Basically, it’s a feed that someone at Feedster thinks is interesting. The responsibility had been falling to Chris and Beverly for a long time, and they had to spend a bunch of time every night casting about for a good feed to feature. Yesterday we decided to rotate the update, so that we take turns picking the feed of the day. My days are going to be Tuesdays and Thursdays, and last night was my first update. I put up Eleanor’s blog EllementK, apparently sleeping with the judge does work :-) (For those who might not know, Eleanor is my girlfriend and we live together, just a little disclose there for those who are into that sort of thing). She’s working at NEC America doing research, and puts up a bunch of information about the projects she runs across in doing research, which ranges from Enterprise IT (high availability infrastructure and grid computing) to mobility.

There’s an archive page for the past Feed of the Day entries, which of course has it’s own feed that you can subscribe to. I was trying to decide if I should pick a theme for the feeds that I put up there. I’ve been into mobility and open source stuff for a long time, there are tons of resources on that stuff that I could call out. But that really sticks to the geeky stuff, and I wanted to throw in a little diversity. So if you have ideas, or if you think your feed kicks ass and I should use it as the Feed of the Day, leave a comment here.