So there was massive feedback from putting up The Year of Coffee as the Feed of the Day, people really liked it. Happy I could help out! So tonight was my turn to pick the feed again. I’m a geek at heart. Serious geek. My natural inclination is to put up something about programming languages and getting them to all kinds of strange and spooky things. But that’s just not interesting stuff for most people. So instead I took a random walk for a while and happened across this gem: Bicyclemark’s Communique. Check this out:

The exaggerations of a Portuguese-American, radical, activist-journalist, pretend-academic, university employee, podcaster, blog fanatic, living in Amsterdam.

Okay, I admit it, my curiosity was piqued. I have no idea what to expect, I was a bit off balance. Well done. The post themselves are very amusing. Then I’m almost at the end of the page and I see this:

Do you feel my blog has been stale this week? I do. It’s always a matter of opinion of course, sometimes I write shit I hate, and the people say “hooray.” Other times I write shit I think is fun, and people say nothin. The other thing is that my podcasting has taken center stage in my mind, and blogging has become like the middle child… the jan brady.. of my internet activities. Not sure who the Cindy would be.

DING DING DING! We have a winner. Podcasting, blogging, the Brady Bunch. All jumbled on top of each other. And not only did I not feel dirty, I laughed. And then a few minutes later I furrowed my brow and though “Hey…. I hope I’m not the Cindy. Or maybe that’s a good thing?” Thank you Bicyclemark. Great blog, interesting podcasts. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.