Just a few minutes ago Fagan popped up on IM and said “http://geourl.org/ back up.” Woohoo!!!! Music to my ears. GeoURL is a service that keeps track of physical locations to go along with web resources. So thanks to GeoURL you can see web resources near me in the real world. Apparently Ask Bjoern Hansen is responsible for the resurrection. Thanks Ask! Of course, being the mobility wonk that I am, I would love a neighbors lookup function based on coordinates rather than existing resources. Tie something like TagSurf (which allows tagging based on URLs) into the GeoURL lookup. Pull your GPS coords, find URLs of nearby sources, use URLs to pull comments out of Tagsurf. All we need is a layer of FOAF filtering on those results and we’ve got a decent componentized recommendation system. And I think everyone knows how much Mike hates the silo. Multiple services, acting together, with liberty and justice for all.

Update: I parsed Ask Bjoern Hansen as Ask “Bjoern Hansen”, and that’s not what it is at all. It’s Ask Bjoern Hansen all as one, his first name is Ask. Ooops, sorry Ask! Thanks for the correction Fagan.