The announcement for the March Mobile Monday is up. The topic this time is Mobile Gaming, inspired in large part by the Game Developers Conference being in town at the same time. We’re going to be over at Dimension7 again, cause that’s right down Folsom from Moscone and should be convenient for all the conference goers. Here’s the essential info:

  • What: March Mobile Monday (Mobile Gaming)

  • When: March 7th, 2005 7:00pm

  • Where: Dimension7 (150 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA)

  • Who: Anyone interested in mobility

  • Cost: Nothing

The Mobile Monday events have been going really well, and I expect this one to keep up the trend of steady significant growth. Given that the montly events are going so well, we’ve been thinking about doing something on a grander scale. Something more like a conference than an evening event. Say a day long conference with multiple speakers, where we can give a speaking spot to some of the people we can’t fit into these smaller events as well as get prepared for the larger audience some of the more well known personalities are sure to draw. We’re just getting together some early stage plans now, but as always we’re looking for whatever help we can find. Just like the evening events, I would like the whole conf to be free to attendees. That could be hard to setup, but if BloggerCon can do it I think we can as well.

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