We now have Oren Michels in the trenches with us at Feedster!! I’m really excited about it cause hopefully it means I’ll have more time to get down and dirty in the code. I’ll be working on some of the projects that we didn’t have enough hacker-hours available for before (which is really what I’m best at anyway) as well as continuing to service the external relationships I’m already engaged in. Oren has joined as the Vice President of Engineering, so he’ll be taking over the higher level stuff. Stuff that I simply didn’t have the skills to do, and that those who did didn’t have the time to do. Oren has been around the block a few times, and I’m sure that working for him will be as educational as it will be rewarding. Welcome aboard Oren!

So what is some of this stuff that I’ll be working on? There’s still some front end work to be done, some of which requires some QA and feedback from you out there in the blogosphere. For example, we’ve fixed up the feed claiming to fix some bugs, but we’re not sure yet if we’ve squashed all of them. So if you’ve tried to claim your feed before and ran in to problems, please give it another try. If you have some issues with it email me at miker at feedster dot com and I’ll do my best to help you out. Some information that would really help out in getting problems taken care of quickly:

  • Your Feedster login (name only, don’t include your password)

  • The URL for the feed you’re trying to claim

  • What blogging software you’re using