I just read about PhoneTags that BBC has setup. It’s an app that allows you to “bookmark” a song from your mobile and then go tag and rate the song later on from a desktop. Although the tagging and rating are cool, what has me really jazzed is the interaction style. It’s a perfect example of the “situated computing” interaction style that I’ve been talking about. Because your mobile is always with you and always attached to the network, it’s a perfect way to mark a particular instance in time. Which the BBC is able to then map back to a particular track. And all the expect is a simple “X” single character text message to mark the spot, minimal amount of intrusion and effort at that particular instance. And you’re motivated to go back and check out what the name of that cool song was, at which point you can tag and rate it if you want. Sexy. I like this a lot.

Via Smartmobs

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