Elle and I are off to New Orleans for a few days. My cousin is getting married down there, and we’re extending the trip a bit to do some exploring. I feel sorry to be leaving the Feedster crew when there’s so much going on. But a promise is a promise, and I promised Elle a vacation in New Orleans. I could deal with a little bit of rest myself. New Orleans food is good on it’s own, but we’ve got the inside track on this one. My cousin the French chef is marrying a pastry chef. Everyone winks and nods when I tell them I’m going to a wedding between two chefs down in New Orleans. Makes sense that this would be something to behold. I’ll try to remember to take plenty of pictures.

That said, I still can’t resist the urge to try out some of my gadgets in new ways. I picked up a Delorme Bluelogger a while ago, and have fooled around with it to see if I could read out samples over Bluetooth. But this time I actually loaded up a map of New Orleans into my Clie and I’ll use that to wander around the streets with. Then I thought “wouldn’t it be cool if I could note all the photos I take with my 6600 so I can pin them to a map when I get back?” I took a quick look around the interweb and didn’t see anything during my brief search. If there’s something out there you know about please leave me a comment. I have Python on my phone, and Miso installed already (Miso has a module for taking pictures from within Python scripts). Should be pretty easy to hack up a quick script that takes a picture, samples the GPS, and then writes the image along with some location data to the filesystem. Wish this phone had an airline mode so that I could use it on the plane on the way down. It’s gonna be a tight squeeze trying to get this working before Elle gets annoyed that I’m programming and not vacationing.