Fabrizio speaking at the April MoMo.

Fabrizio is from Funambol, the company behind an open source SyncML project with more than 10,000 downloads to date.

SyncML does data management (contacts, appointments) and device management (“can you fix my device” and the carrier can fix the device remotely).

They take data from different sources and put it out over SyncML (ERP, CRM, Email servers). Most devices already have a SyncML client installed (calendar, contacts, ie).

They also have clients for pocketpc, palm is coming.

They also have multiple APIs into the platform to put information from a datasource into a device, and then the device can work offline.

Lots of downloads, growing quickly, lots of developers, great ramp.

Today they are launching is a Sync4j portal. Free, come and use it. Contacts, calendar, plugin for outlook that puts data online, palm can upload, pocket pc can upload. Currently in alpha.

They need to get data from different sources (gmail calendar, yahoo address book), calendar with mozilla.

They’re putting up a database with all the devices and the SyncML support and how to use it.

If you need to develop a wireless app that needs data try Sync4J. If you get it to work give Funambol some feedback. Want to add audio and pictures. info at funambol.com And if you want to work for a cool mobile open source company, mail him as well. Looking for marketing, presales engineers, that type of thing.