Russ and I are most likely going to heading out to the Mobile Monday Global Summit. Some of the folks from the old skool original Helsinki Mobile Monday have been looking to get together people involved in the other Mobile Monday gatherings and try to get some collaboration going. It’s exactly my scene. About 5400 miles away from my normal stomping ground, but the ideas are completely in line. The Mobile Monday gathering is part of the Mobile Enterprise 2005 event. And the events are open and free to all! It looks like it’s going to be a big event with great speakers and they’re putting it on for free. That’s really impressive. I’m hoping to be able to do the same thing when we put on our event here in the Bay Area. Besides BloggerCon I don’t know of large events that have managed to be free to participants. It might be hard, but I think it’s possible.

Russ and I are planning to make it out there on the 8th so we have a bit of time to recover from the flight and be alive and kicking come the morning of the 9th. We were thinking about getting some of the other folks who are in from out of town together on the night of the 8th. We’ve been talking to Jari Tammisto from to do the planning. So if you’re going to be in town and interested in meeting up the night before the event starts, either snag Jari and find out what’s planned or email me (miker at bitsplitter dot net) and I’ll send the info out about where to meet up when I get it. We’re probably staying right in the area, so it’s most likely going to be right in that area.

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