Rafer is going to be the presenter at Future Salon this week:

Social media is delivering the dream of intelligent agent technology in an unexpected way. RSS, tagging, cameraphones, social networks, and a dozen other point technologies are ganging up to create the benefits we all expected from intelligent agents. Except – the intelligent agents turn out to be human beings going about our everyday lives, using dumb tools to publish meaningless snippets and anecdotes in machine-readable, sometimes open-standards forms. Each of us becomes the intelligent publisher of many different dumb agents, which we do very easily.

Software applications all over the planet aggregate them in unexpected ways, providing online services of astonishing value at very little cost.

I’ve been going to the Future Salon events more and more often, they’ve been quite interesting. Even though I speak to Scott on pretty much a daily basis, I’m sure he’s going to have plenty to say that we’ve never touched on before. The Syndicate Conference is the two days just before the event, and I’m sure a bunch of new ideas are going to come out of that.